Creature DESIGN


design and inspiration

Using created reference sheets, compiled of 100's of Pinterest images, photos, original sketches and silhouette sheets, the creatures below are early painted concepts. The intent is to find a fitting tone and style for all creatures while also allowing each of them to appear unique. As new artists join the team, the style and theme will become a blended cocktail of the talent pool, conforming loosely within stylistic guidelines. The first four digitally painted creatures on this page were created by Nico Laeser (Snaggs)

As we experiment with theme and style, we will also explore/move towards more strange and alien species/races. These paintings will be used as reference only and are not intended as final designs. Enjoy :)



hostile and non-hostile

The oceans of Europa will be filled with flora and fauna of varied types and levels of hostility. While some creatures will pose a deadly threat, others will be only a mild annoyance or risk to the integrity of the sub. With this in mind, we will strive to create a wide array of critters, all with gameplay and functionality at the core of the design.

A study on translucence, inspired by a multitude of small to microscopic creatures/parasites within our own oceans.


familiar, yet alien

With early designs, there has been an effort to create familiar creatures, but with an alien take on the form. As the reference paintings progress, the stranger, less familiar and recognisable creatures will proliferate this page, but for now, while we experiment with form, theme, and consistency for each species, we will work on critters less critical to the narrative.

A crab-like critter, inspired by all the things that are so creepy they're cute. Just me?


Modular design & experimenation

Everything, but the kitchen sink. While experimenting and exploring possibilities, all manner of weird and wacky sketches have been created. With the modular nature of creation, all or merely some parts of early concept art will make into final creature design.

*Seriously, after researching for Europa Descent, I'm never swimming in the ocean again.

Early exploration of more deadly, alien, sea beasts, inspired by Lovecraft and the incredibly scary things that live deep in our oceans.

Latest fish concept. The colours were inspired by various beetles. 

Latest sea creature inspired by prehistoric fossils.