MAD-GFX is proud to present our latest Dreams Project. Into The Forest is a side scrolling action adventure with a few twists. The game will be relatively easy to complete, but difficult to master.

* Multiple beautifully crafted and unique environments.
* Diverse gameplay mechanics to add new challenges.
* An ever-evolving level design, which reacts to the player’s choices and successes.


The general gameplay is divided into five unique areas, containing a dynamic hub world, which evolves as you complete four elemental forest zones: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

You have the power to breathe life into the world itself. Through the completion of zones and the collecting of power crystals and special elemental items, the world around you will be rejuvenated with the power of the elements.

Witness the transformation of the hub world. Can you restore the island to it’s previous glory? 


Side Scrolling Action with a Twist

As you journey deep into the Elemental Forests, the side scrolling gameplay can switch at key moments to third person.

Switching perspective allows you to venture into the background scenery where you will unlock new and exciting gameplay mechanics. Only by actively seeking adventure will you discover everything the world has to offer.

You should always remember as you travel the paths through the Forest, that the easiest way is not always the only way. Easter eggs and rewards can be found only in the unlikeliest of places!

'Into The Forest' - Camera Demo - 1) Blue:  Side Scrolling  2) Orange:  Transition  3) Yellow:  Third Person

'Into The Forest' - Camera Demo - 1) Blue: Side Scrolling
2) Orange: Transition 3) Yellow: Third Person


Character evolution

Hidden within the world are 50 power crystals. Each crystal you collect increases your movement speed by a cumulative 1% (Stacking to +50%). Every 10 crystals you collect will also physically evolve your character, allowing access to permanent new player abilities and possibly new areas.

Some of the power crystals will be easy to find. Others will test your gaming skills and you will need to explore all corners of the map.


MultIPLE Ways to play

Into The Forest contains two seperate Top-20 global scoreboards:
1) Speed-Run: Speed is everything! How fast can you complete the full campaign? The clock is ticking...
2) Completionist: Access to this scoreboard is limited to those who find all 50 Power Crystals. Are you an explorer? Discover every hidden secret of the Elemental Forests.



Your journey begins at the edge of a dying forest on an ancient and crumbling island suspended in The Void. Death has already crept through the land. At first glance, it seems hopeless to try saving this world.

But, in the distance a light can be seen. A temple is illuminated, with four vast pillars marked with the Elemental Signs. They stand defiant against the corruption. A promise of healing and renewal.

From the Temple, a lone figure stands beckoning you to enter the Forest. To save it from destruction.

Will you answer the call?

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The soundtrack has been designed to immerse the player in the Elemental Forest. All music for this project was engineered to compliment the narrative and environment. 

Sample Track by MAD-GFX team member Nico Laeser: Glitch (Intro and Title)

We will be re-crafting individual tracks using the in-game engine to further suit each environment when Dreams launches.

FURTHER Into the forest

Through exploration of each level, the player will find clues as to the order of the island and perhaps to the elemental stones themselves.

For the 100% completion crowd, there are Easter eggs and rewards to find, which will keep you coming back for, “just one more play-through.”  

The following links contain additional information on the development of this project, highlighting our inspiration, processes and vision:

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