MAD-GFX: New Team Member - Carter Harrell

MAD-GFX would like to warmly welcome the latest addition to our ever growing team, Audio Artist Carter Harrell.


Location: Nashville, TN
Background: TV/film composer, producer, writer, and multi-instrumental musician.
Position/Role: Primary Role: Lead Audio Artist / Secondary Role: TBC
Portfolio Links:
PSN: piano_man05

Development Sample: Europa Descent - Surface

"I went with something Interstellar inspired - a mix of orchestral and synth elements, but still very textural and ethereal so it sits in the background and sets the tone. What I love about the Europa Descent concept art is the contrast between the beauty/wonder of the environment of space and the suspense of what lies below. So I wanted to bring that out in the contrast of the warm/emotional orchestral elements and the more dissonant sci-fi synths/soundscapes. Obviously this is just a starting point, it's easy to make things more or less suspenseful, orchestral, etc, but I'm always happy to tweak things!"

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