MAD-GFX: New Team Member - Nico Laeser

Please join us in welcoming Creature and Audio Artist Nico Laeser to the MAD-GFX team.
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Location: UK
Background: Classically trained artist, who works with oil, acrylic, and also within the digital field. His style roams from Geiger-inspired, to hyper-realistic portrait work, to graphic design/book jackets. Nico enjoys writing and has published four novels. He also writes, performs, record his own music in his spare time.
Position/Role: Primary Role: Creature Artist / Secondary Role: Audio Artist
Portfolio Links: Portfolio / Soundcloud 

"When I paint, I'm painting a window on the wall of my prison. When I write, I'm creating the stories of the world that exists beyond my prison When I write and play music, I'm calling out to whoever might be in the next cell, hoping they will sing back and let me know I'm not alone. The windows I paint on the walls don't show what is outside, only my interpretation of it. They are more the impression of an internal landscape—a way to open a conversation with my mind, a way to learn more about who I am. Art is not just a catharsis, it is a means of communication with anyone who might exist outside of our personal prison."

SOUNDCLOUD Sample: Cyberpunk - Synthetic