MAD-GFX: Introducing the MAD-GFX Studio

MAD-GFX will have a virtual construction / demo space inside Dreams, to be used for construction, twitch streaming and highlighting our work.

Featured Spaces:

  • Entrance Spawn - Starting area.

  • Atrium - Used to highlight 6 of our best pieces (one from each disciple / we will rotate these to keep things fresh)

  • Vehicle Hangar - Used for vehicle design and construction.

  • Environmental Testing Facility - Featuring a large workspace, primary test stage and multiple smaller biome stages.

  • Sound Studio - Used for sound development, effects and music.

  • Creature Laboratory - Used for creature development.

  • Logic Workshop - Used for logic testing and development, featuring multiple test spaces.

  • Animation Studio - Used for animation testing and development, features a test field with multiple obstacles.

  • QA Portal - Portals connected to Dreams/Areas ready for testing.