MAD-GFX: New Project - Into The Forest

MAD-GFX is proud to present our latest Dreams Project. Into The Forest is a side scrolling action adventure with a few twists. The game will be relatively easy to complete, but difficult to master.

* Multiple beautifully crafted and unique environments.
* Diverse gameplay mechanics to add new challenges.
* An ever-evolving level design, which reacts to the player’s choices and successes.



The general gameplay is divided into five unique areas, containing a dynamic hub world, which evolves as you complete four elemental forest zones: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

You have the power to breathe life into the world itself. Through the completion of zones and the collecting of power crystals and special elemental items, the world around you will be rejuvenated with the power of the elements.

Witness the transformation of the hub world. Can you restore the island to it’s previous glory? 

Find out more [HERE]