David Mills / Fahran

Location: Australia / Melbourne
Background: Digital Artist (20 years), Co-founded a Web & Graphic Design Studio in Melbourne (8 years) Founded and lead-admin for multiple game fan-site communities (WoW/Warhammer Online), level designer for: Doom / Quake / Halflife / Natural Selection. Avid Photographer.
Position/Role:  Producer / Secondary Role: Lead Environmental Artist, Asset Artist
Portfolio Links: Deviantart / Instagram
PSN: Fahran1979


NICO LAESER / snaggs

Location: UK / Staffordshire
Background: Classically trained artist, who works with oil, acrylic, and also within the digital field. His style roams from Geiger-inspired, to hyper-realistic portrait work, to graphic design/book jackets etc. Nico enjoys writing and has published four novels. He also writes, performs, record his own music in his spare time.
Position/Role: Creature Artist / Secondary Role: Audio Artist, Environmental Artist
Portfolio Links: Portfolio / Soundcloud 


Tom Curtis / Tom Farrago / TECTAC

Location: UK / Leeds
Background: Sonic Chef from Leeds, UK, cutting up edibles by day, chopping up audibles by night. Studied music production, video editing and sfx for film and tv. Hugely passionate about creating music and visuals. An avid film buff, gamer, game modder (GTA V - ps4), map creator (FC5 arcade editor) and drone pilot. Lover of food, nature and being by the sea.
Position/Role: Audio Artist / Secondary Role: Environmental Artist, Cinematics
Portfolio Links: Primary Soundcloud | Secondary Soundcloud | Youtube


Lucas Thorn

Location: Australia / Melbourne
Background: Coming
Position/Role: Lead Author
Portfolio Links: Amazon


Glenn Foster / fostworks / Madd

Location: US / Clermont Florida
Background: Freelance Multimedia Illustrator and Concept Artist with over 20 yrs. in traditional and digital medium ranging from concepts to graphic design to animation and sculpting Profession: Multimedia Illustrator in military , Graphics Designer work with Vinyl and Murals, Personal projects and commissions
Position/Role: Character/Creature Artist / Secondary Role: Asset Artist
Portfolio Links: Sketchclub
PSN: madatarms



Location: U.S.A / Washington
Background: Self trained programmer, LittleBigPlanet 1, 2, and 3 veteran. Knowledge in C++, C#, Java, JS, CSS, HTML, and more. Part of many Star Wars modding communities such as The Clone Wars for EAW.
Position/Role: Gameplay Design / Logic
Portfolio Links: Youtube / Twitch
PSN: Amchornet76 (NeonTheCoder after PSN name changes come out)



Location: Germany
Background: LBP Musician /Logic creator / FX-artist / Sound designer /story writer I deeply enjoy seeing a final result in its whole glory with audio, context and visual thats why I love creating atmosphere with music,sound and effects to spice up scenes and gameplay.
Position/Role: Logic and Effects-artist / Secondary Role: Audio Artist
Portfolio Links: NA


JT Kelleher / StankyDino

Location: US / Virginia
Background: Graphic Artist by trade, Industrial Designer by study, and amateur Unity Dev and Musician by hobby.
Position/Role: Gameplay Design / Logic
Portfolio Links: Twitch
PSN: StankyDino



Location: TBA.
Background: Coming
Position/Role: PR and QA Lead / Secondary Role: Gameplay & Greybox Designer, Environmental Design.
Portfolio Links: Youtube


Carter Harrell

Location: Nashville, TN
Background: TV/film composer, producer, writer, and multi-instrumental musician.
Position/Role: Audio Artist / Secondary Role: TBC
Portfolio Links:
PSN: piano_man05



MAD-GFX Dreams In-Game Studio Warehouse

MAD-GFX will have a virtual construction / demo space inside Dreams, to be used for construction, twitch streaming and highlighting our work.

Featured Spaces:

  • Entrance Spawn - Starting area.

  • Atrium - Used to highlight 6 of our best pieces (one from each disciple / we will rotate these to keep things fresh)

  • Vehicle Hangar - Used for vehicle design and construction.

  • Environmental Testing Facility - Featuring a large workspace, primary test stage and multiple smaller biome stages.

  • Sound Studio - Used for sound development, effects and music.

  • Creature Laboratory - Used for creature development.

  • Logic Workshop - Used for logic testing and development, featuring multiple test spaces.

  • Animation Studio - Used for animation testing and development, features a test field with multiple obstacles.

  • QA Portal - Portals connected to Dreams/Areas ready for testing.


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Proud Member of the Dreams Union

The Dreams Union is an idea, a pledge, a sense of community among organizations in Dreams. Dreams Union has its roots with the [LittleBigPlanet Union. |] It centers around the idea that players and creators may organize into their own groups, studios, clans, organizations, whatever you want to call them, to enjoy the game together. Originally, on LittleBigPlanet, many of these 'clans' dedicated themselves to hateful practices like aggressive elitism, harassment, and bullying. The LBP Union's goal was to unite clans together for peace to avoid such conflicts on a game that we all are meant to enjoy.

The Dreams Union is the spiritual successor to the ideals that the Union was founded upon. The Dreams Union is not an organization in itself, not a concrete alliance. It is a request, an oath, a pledge, to start off our adventure on Dreams on the right foot. Dreams is a clean slate. Dreams is what we make it, and it's our responsibility to make sure that we can construct a positive, cooperative, and friendly community through organized creating. There will always be negativity and bad sides to the community at large for any game or fan-base, but we can do our best to minimize it and create our own community that people can enjoy.

The Dreams Union is whatever you want it to be. It is intended to be a community free of alienation, one where lore and ideas and collaboration can run free. A community encouraging improvement through sharing ideas, tips and tricks with others. A group of groups that help one another grow and stimulate the rest of the Dreams community.

>> Dreams Union Discord: Click Here



MAD-GFX Project: Europa Descent

Updated: 15/07/2018

Currently recruiting: Environmental Artist, Prop Designer, Logic Developer


Team Application Form

MAD-GFX is currently recruiting new team members for a wide range of roles (outlined below) positions are limited however we will be keeping a close eye on talent and commitment once Dreams enters Beta and beyond.

To apply fill out the following form however please note given our desire to keep production quality high you will need to demonstrate previous experience/provable relevant skills.  In particular we are keen to see examples of past or current work (eg. previous game modding experience / digital art / music and audio editing / level creation / coding and logic development)

Positions Available:

  • Concept Artist - Pre-visualisation art production.

  • Environmental Artist - World population with pre-generated props.

  • Prop Designer - Model creation, to work in conjunction with environmental artists.

  • Audio Designer - Music, Atmospheric and Effects development.

  • Character/Creature Artists - Character/Creature development and animation.

  • Logic Developer - Developing all in-game logic/character interactions.

Name *